January 2018

Happy New Year

The new year brings good news, as St. C’s electric service was restored December 15th just in time for festivities and good cheer. We wish all a healthy and happy–and hurricane-free–2018.


December 4, 2017

Updates on St. C’s Recovery from Hurricane Maria

Although St. C’s electric service has not yet been restored, progress has been made in other critical areas, notably our water supply: DPNR has released the boil water order and St. C’s water has tested all clear.

USPS is now running regular mail service.

The St C. office still has limited functionality under generator power, causing some communication challenges. The maintenance staff continues to work on repairs based on safety and the severity of the needed repair. Progress is being made daily, but it is a long road to recovery.

Rest assured that the staff and the board have been working diligently to get St. C back to full operations as quickly as possible.

[Also please note that in preparation for the restoration of electric service (hopefully soon!), St. C occupants should turn off their breakers to minimize potential damage to appliances when electric is restored.]


St. C After Hurricane Maria

September 22, 2017

Hurricane Maria Aftermath at St. C

Hurricane Maria has left her mark on St. Croix, and many people understandably are anxious to know how St. C fared. First and foremost, to the best of our knowledge everyone is safe. Also, it appears the buildings themselves suffered no structural damage and, because of St. C’s location high above the sea, we were spared the flooding that other areas of St. Croix experienced.

However, there has been significant damage to common areas, including the lobby and former restaurant space, as well as the grounds/landscaping. Power will be out for some time, so communications are challenging.

As you can understand, the situation on the ground right now is a difficult one, but in typical St. Croix fashion everyone is pulling together to put St. C well on the road to recovery.


Coconut trimming in lift truck

Coconut Trimming

July 10, 2017

Storm Prep = Coconut Trimming

With hurricane season in full swing, it’s important to keep palms free of coconuts lest they become cannonballs in a storm. St. C was out in full force recently, making sure the palms on the property were duly trimmed.




August 23, 2016


Cement Truck in Action

Rust and Corrosion Never Sleep

Everyone knows that the weather on St. Croix, while beautiful, also can bring harsh conditions to buildings. With the oldest St C buildings approaching their 50th birthdays, the weather has taken its toll. Although the buildings are in remarkably good shape, constant maintenance is required to make sure they remain in good stead. One example: The seaside gallery overhangs in Building A, St. C’s first building, have begun showing signs of deterioration. Thus, the St. C staff are completely replacing them with new rebar and concrete. The new overhangs should all be in place by December 2016.


St C Staff Pouring New Cement


St C Staff Leveling New Cement








February 2, 2016 

Laundry Room Upgrade

St C laundry room

St C Laundry Room

We’re happy to announce that we’ve upgraded another important amenity for the St. C community: Our shiny new set of washers and dryers are now up and running in St. C’s laundry room.




January 14, 2016 

Surf’s Up!

Surf's Up!

Surf’s Up!

St C saw some spectacular waves recently due to strong weather systems in the Atlantic. Looks more like Hawaii than the Caribbean.



November 18, 2015 

The Home Stretch

Great wall railing replacement

Railing Replacement on “Great Wall”

One of the last projects of St. C’s multiyear, top-to-bottom renovation is nearing completion: the replacement of the railings atop the “Great Wall.” Soon they will match the railings on all the galleries, providing a nice visual consistency across the grounds.



October 22, 2015 

Check Out the New Ride!

St C Maintenance Truck

St C Maintenance Truck

The old St C maintenance truck finally outlived its useful life, a victim of many years of dedicated service in a harsh weather environment. In its place is this snazzy new (to St C) Ford F-150 pickup. Staff was rumored to be plotting to paint yellow and orange flames on its sides but, instead, had to settle for the St C logo and website.



October 7, 2015 

Galvaluming Nearly Complete

St. C Galvalume

During the past year the St. C staff has been gradually replacing all the old wood roofing shingles with sturdy Galvalume corrugated metal. The final stage of that very large project, the roofing over the apartments below the pool is nearing completion. Through the hard work of our staff, we now have a superior roofing material across the complex that has a 30-year life and can better withstand the elements—at a cost significantly less than if installed by an outside firm.



September 30, 2015 

New Guard House Officially in Service

St. C Guard House

After months of demolition and construction, the new St. C guard house is up and running. Largely built by the St. C staff, with the help of specialty contractors when needed, the new facility presents a far better face to visitors and guests alike as they approach the complex. Plus, its amenities—which include a bathroom, small kitchen, and more cameras and monitors for better security—provide a more comfortable and functional space in which our security team can do their job. The new guard house is one of the last projects in the ambitious multi-year complex-wide renovation the board and staff initiated in 2012.

August 25, 2015 

Hurricane Danny Light Show

Lightning at St C

Lightning at St C

The remnants of Hurricane Danny provide an impressive light show off the gallery of a St. C resident as the storm passes near St. Croix on August 24 (photo courtesy of Thomas White).





January 28, 2015 

St. C Guard House

St. C Guard House

New Guard House Construction is Under Way

Construction of the new guard house is progressing, with completion expected this spring.




May 23, 2014 

St. C Webcam

St. C Webcam

Check Out That View!

St. C, the condo complex with the best view on St. Croix, is happy to announce that you can check out that view 24 hours a day via our new webcam. Perched at the nexus of buildings B and C, the webcam provides a look at the beautiful vista of Pelican Cove out to Christiansted and Buck Island. The webcam refreshes every 30 seconds to capture the ever-changing interplay of sun, sea and sky that makes the view from St. C so alluring. Make sure to bookmark the link to the webcam—it provides a great diversion from the daily grind and enables those of you off island to check in on what’s happening off the north shore of the island.


April 28, 2014 

Safety mirror installed

Safety mirror installed

Safety First!

If you’ve ever driven past Building B and wondered what might be coming ‘round the corner, wonder no more. A new “safety mirror” has been installed in front of Building B at the hairpin turn of the lower driveway. Now, drivers heading into and out of the complex can easily see what’s around the bend before they reach the turn . . . giving them and pedestrians alike peace of mind that they won’t be surprised on the other side.



April 3, 2014 

Restaurant roof replacement

Restaurant roof replacement

Say Goodbye to the Wood Shingles

While St. Croix’s infamous “mahogany birds” (cockroaches to lay people) are practically indestructible, sadly most building products are not. That includes the wood shingles that were used to clad the roofs of the old St. C restaurant and the generator and maintenance areas between buildings. These shingles, installed in 1992 to replace the original ones that were lost during Hurricane Hugo, have outlived their useful life and are in the process of being replaced by the St. C maintenance team. Going up instead are new metal roofs made of Galvalume, a coated sheet steel product that is wind, weather, fire and corrosion resistant; energy efficient; and designed to last up to 30 years. The generator and maintenance areas, as well as the pool restroom overhang, are already sporting their shiny new red roofs, while the restaurant is currently under construction (see photo). The entire project is expected to be completed by July, in time for St. C’s Fourth of July pool party.


March 11, 2014 

Gate arm installed March 2014

Gate arm installed March 2014

The Waiting (Used to Be) the Hardest Part

St. C visitors and residents no doubt have noticed that the days of waiting forever for the old steel entrance gates to open are finally over. The gates have been replaced by new lightweight, aluminum alloy barrier arms (see photo) that are commonly used by other communities on St. Croix. These new arms not only open far faster than the steel gates—taking just two seconds instead of 10—they also are corrosion resistant (which means far less maintenance required) and consume less energy to operate (which reduces our electricity costs). But fear not, the old gates will live on: They will be used to extend the existing gated entry section on the east side of the driveway to make it more difficult for pedestrians to gain unauthorized access to the grounds.



March 6, 2014 

Pool solar panels - 2014-02

Solar panels for the pool heater

St. C Pool Heater Installed; Polar Bears Flee from the Heat

We are pleased to report that the solar heater for St. C’s pool is now up and running. The photo at right shows the roof of Building H, where the solar collectors have been installed. In just two days, the water temperature rose from a chilly 68 to a more tropical-like 82. Although the pool’s daily temperature will fluctuate depending on weather and wind conditions—it has reached as high as 84 some days—residents can now expect to be able to more comfortably enjoy this amenity without first having to become a member of the St. Croix Chapter of the Polar Bear Club.



February 28, 2014


Pressure washing Bldg A roof

Improving the View, One Roof at a Time

With the renovation of the St. C complex now complete, staff has turned its attention to ongoing maintenance of the physical plant. An important part of that program is regular cleaning of the roofs of all buildings. Beginning this week with Building A, staff will pressure-wash the roofs of all buildings in the complex and follow that up with an application of an added layer of elastomeric paint. This not only helps protect the roof from the elements, but also results in a much-improved view for residents in the upper-level buildings. Weekly pressure washing of all buildings will continue throughout the year to keep them sparkling clean.



February 21, 2014

Chicken Round Up

Chicken Round-Up

Chicken Round-Up

New residents and owners are not the only ones flocking to St. C. During the past year, chickens have begun setting up home on the St. C grounds. However, while possessing a certain bucolic charm, the chickens can be a nuisance. St. C’s own Chicken Patrol has been on the case, and recently bagged quite a catch: three hens, two roosters, 10 little chicks and 28 eggs. The hens, roosters, and chicks have been safely transported to a local farm, while the eggs found their way to several breakfast plates, accompanied by their good friends toast and bacon.



December 1, 2013

Solar panel installation at St C

Solar panel installation at St C

St. C Testing Viability of Solar Power

Everyone knows about the ongoing struggle in the VI with WAPA’s energy rates. St. C is looking to do something about it. We have initiated a pilot program, in conjunction with Caribbean Energy Opportunities (CEO) of St. Croix, to study the impact solar power could have on electricity costs for St. C owners as well as the complex as a whole. As part of the program, CEO has installed a 40-kilowatt roof-mounted solar electric system for one unit in the complex. During the next several months, electricity use in the unit will be closely tracked to determine the savings versus standard WAPA charges. At the end of the pilot, the St. C board and management will evaluate the results and the potential savings for the community a move to solar would generate, and share those results with St. C owners. With that data, owners will be able to decide for themselves whether adding solar to their unit’s power supply makes economic sense. The St. C board also will use that data to determine the system’s potential to reduce the cost of electricity for St. C’s common areas.

November 14, 2013

St. C to Kick off Water Plant Project

As part of the EPA’s Drinking Water Capital Improvement Grant, St. C will soon begin a major renovation of the complex’s water operations.  The effort will involve replacing some of the 30-year-old lines that transport WAPA and rain water throughout the St. C property, adding new UV water filters, and installing new “booster pumps” at key locations.  When the project is completed in 2014, the St. C community can expect fresher, cleaner water and better water pressure throughout the complex.  In anticipation of the project, which is being funded entirely by the EPA, St. C General Manager Thomas White and staff member Fitzroy Modeste completed a 40-hour training course sponsored by the Department of Planning and Natural Resources to become Certified Water Plant Operators.  As such, Thomas and Fitzroy will be well-equipped to monitor and continually improve St. C’s water facilities.

November 1, 2013

Building A

Building A

 Phase One of St. C Renovation Wrapping Up; Phase Two to Begin Soon

The comprehensive renovation of the entire St. C physical plant has entered its final phase.  Phase One—which included masonry repairs, all new railings, a fresh new paint color for all the buildings, and new energy-efficient security lighting throughout the complex—is all but complete.  Phase Two, which will launch after the 2013 holiday season, will focus on the building of a new security station at the entrance to the complex.  The new facility will provide greater security for St. C residents, as well as a more comfortable environment for the community’s security officers.  More spacious than the current structure, it will include a restroom and small cooking area, and it will be elevated to minimize flooding during heavy rains.  Once the structure is completed, officers will be able to view feeds from all 19 security cameras throughout the property via monitors in the new station. Phase Two is expected to wrap up in the summer of 2014.

Pool tiles

Pool tiles

November 9, 2013

St. C Pool Rebuild Is Complete

The St. C pool underwent a complete rebuilding in 2013.  It now sports new dolphin tiles, new steps, and an attractive new blue paint job.  St. C staff is in the process of exploring options for heating the pool to counteract the Christmas winds and make it more inviting (from a temperature standpoint!) in the winter months.  One thing that hasn’t changed: the vantage point from the pool deck, which offers sweeping views of Pelican Cove, Buck Island, Christiansted—and, when the weather is right, St. Thomas, St. John, and the BVI to the north.


August 2013

New Promotional Campaign for St. C

St. C and VisitStCroix.com teamed up in the summer to promote the St. C community—by both running an ad on St. C on the VisitStCroix.com home page, as well as a  radio spot that ran through the month of August on VI Radio group member stations.  While the ad is no longer running on the air, you can listen to it here.