September 21, 2017

Hurricane Maria Aftermath at St. C

Hurricane Maria has left her mark on St. Croix, and many people (especially off-island owners) understandably are anxious to know how St. C fared. The good news is that it appears the buildings themselves suffered no structural damage and, because of St. C’s location high above the sea, we were spared the flooding that other areas of St. Croix experienced. However, there has been significant damage to the office and the old restaurant space, the rooms housing our utilities, and the complex’s grounds. At this time, we don’t know the status of individual condo units because, with the roads across St. Croix being mostly impassable, there’s simply not enough staff members present to check on them. Given the extent of the damage St. C experienced, the staff will be unable to offer assessment and repair assistance to individual owners for at least a month, possibly longer. Unfortunately, this means owners must find alternatives for information on and help with their units.

The two lone staff members who are on site have their hands full working to get the office operational again, addressing the damage to the common areas, and restoring water service. Association board President Roy Megnin and General Manager Thomas White have conducted a full common area, property-wide damage assessment and took photos for insurance purposes. They’ve also worked many hours in the generator room and water pump plant to identify and correct any system failures.

As you can understand, the situation on the ground is a difficult one. We appreciate everyone’s patience as the staff does its best to put St. C on the road to recovery. As more information becomes available, we’ll post it here. And please let your St. C friends know to check this site for updates.


The following documents are provided for the convenience of St. C Owners.  Please click the link to download a PDF version.

Rules & Regulations of the Association of St. C Condominium Owners

By Laws of the Association of St. C Condominium Owners (dated February 15, 2017)

Owner and Association Responsibilities

Request for Approval of Renovations

Pet Policy

Pet Application/Registration Form

St C Drinking Water Quality Report – Issued June 30, 2017

FAQ for Owners (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ for Renters (Frequently Asked Questions)